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Back to School Campaign

We're collecting for kids in need! 

Every year, Dandelions WA aims to help hundreds of kids in need with a brand-new school backpack complete with brand-new stationery items, lunch box, water bottle, hat and toiletries.

If you would like your students and school community to be involved, you can help by collecting the stationery items needed to fill the backpacks.  Please click here to fill in the form and choose which item you would like to collect.  Let your students count the donations as they come in and keep a tally. Have an inter-school competition to see who can collect the most items.  Make it even more fun by competing against other schools.  The winning school will receive a Dandelions WA trophy and certificate.

Together, we can help give all students an equal start!

Download the poster by clicking here

Share your school’s progress on social media using the #BacktoSchoolwithDandelions hashtag, and tag @DandelionsWA on Facebook and Instagram

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