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Back to School 2023 - The Power of a Backpack

“This is an open letter of thanks to Dandelions and their sponsors for your support of the children in the remote aboriginal community of Burringurrah.
The Burringurrah Aboriginal Community lies on the traditional lands of the Wajarri people, 450km east of Carnarvon and 300km north of Meekatharra. The community is accessed by dirt roads, with the nearest shop being 300km away. Services and employment opportunities within the community are limited. Families have limited financial resources and standards of living, health and literacy within the community are low. Despite their social disadvantage, the families and community at Burringurrah are strong. The children are vibrant, playful and happy and they share the same hopes, dreams and aspirations as other children all over the world.
Dandelions recently supported the children of Burringurrah through the provision of 20 back to school packs. Firstly, let me say that these bags are awesome and they contain everything a family and student require to support their school learning and development. The bags have been given to the students and I wish you could have seen the delight in the children’s faces when they received their individual bag. Many within the community are not used to getting presents or new gifts, and they stood in awe as they rummaged through the various new items in within the bags. The children don’t have many things they can call their own and it was evident that the children felt a sense of ownership of their new bag. These bags not only support the students, they support the school and teachers, as they endeavour to create the best learning environment and outcomes for their children.
I just want to say a whole-hearted ‘thank you’ to Dandelions and particularly those who sponsor you. The impact of your generosity and commitment to improving the lives of children cannot be understated.”

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