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Back to School 2022

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

In 2021, we ran our first "Back to School" campaign which resulted in 220 backpacks filled with all the stationery needed (valued at $11,000) being distributed to students of all ages.

In 2022 there were even more requests for assistance received and we asked the WA Community to help us ensure these children were empowered on their first day of the new term.

Donations were received from individuals; families whose children had selected and packed bags for a child they would never meet; P & C's collected for children that don't even attend at their schools; Lions Groups and Surf Life Saving Clubs collected and small businesses came on board with financial donations to help us shop for items needed.

The freight industry stood alongside Dandelions WA yet again with donations received from Goldstar Transport and with the assistance of of Daimler Trucks Perth and Bishop Transport we were able to pallet-up backpacks to be transported to schools in the Pilbara. Workers from the Goldfields loaded up their personal vehicles when they left Perth to start their next FIFO roster.

All this love, compassion, kindness and generosity has resulted in over 834 backpacks (valued at $41, 700,00) being distributed. THANK YOU WA!

The requests have continued this week: a grandma taking on the care of her 4 grandchildren at very short notice; a Lions club supporting a mum trying to rebuild a home and a life for herself and her children. Our support doesn't stop at school backpacks. We have also provided toiletries, clothing and household cleaning items and will continue to support when needed.

We have been overwhelmed by the messages of thanks, such as this one from Peter in Kalgoorlie-Boulder:

"Dear Dandelions WA,

My wife and I care for two grandchildren and it is challenging in every way. on Monday the older one came home with a delightful surprise – a backpack full of wonderful school items. There was huge excitement when she opened everything up, and she gave me the task of writing her name on everything. It became a late night for me!

Yesterday (Tuesday) the younger one came home with a similar pack and similar excitement. It was hard to keep track of everything due to the enthusiasm with which she ripped everything open, even the packaging that could have been useful had it not been ripped to shreds. Again, a late night writing her name on everything.

This evening, after the younger one had gone to bed exhausted by her first two full days of school, the older one selected some of the Dandelion supplies and sat with me practising her writing and spelling. Then, when bed-time arrived, she insisted on using the Dandelions’ gifted toothbrush and toothpaste!

The work that you do is greatly appreciated. Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to those involved."

Together #spreadingkindnessgrowinghope

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