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About us


Our Purpose

Whether it be through one of our “Kindness Kits” filled with toiletries, t-shirt, underwear, thongs and extras relevant to gender and age to ensure dignity, health, acceptance and opportunity or via a specific "Wish" received from a community, a family, an individual or one of our partner agencies - our purpose is to provide what is needed.

From an agency in a remote area needing baby baths and towels to a neighbourhood impacted by fire or drought needing support to get back on its feet; from the WA Police assisting victims of family and domestic violence to "Back to School" backpacks for WA school students - Dandelions WA with the support, compassion and generosity of the amazing WA community  spreading kindness and growing hope.

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The team behind Dandelions WA, is committed 100% and powered through the kindness of volunteers.  No one receives any payment and all admin costs are met through specific fundraising events. With the wonderful support of our amazing volunteers and the WA community, we have achieved more than we could have ever imagined in just 2 years since inception.  We will never stop working to fulfill our purpose.

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